Emerald Mining Group Corp, 2012


      Emerald Mining Group Corp is a smart joint-venture between US-based Emerald Mining Group Corporation and Peruvian-based Emerald Mining Group Corp SA.  Emerald Mining Group Corp are collectively dedicated to responsible mining operations and Peruvian-endorsed community development in the south-western region of Peru.  

          All government-approved work is led by the majority owned Emerald Mining Group Corp SA founded and operated in Lima, Peru.  US leadership includes management and sales for export of natural mineral resources abroad to countries such as the US, China, Germany, and India.  Learn more about who we are by clicking the About button.

       Emerald Mining Group Corp is unique - with direct access to the Pacific Ocean through our own port, licensed in June, 2012, we are able to efficiently and quickly move from mine to ocean transit.  Emerald connects iron ore resources to Asia, North America Europe and countries abroad.  The Chala Pacific port will be at capacity by 2016.